Something A Little Different For Me An Audiobook

Although I haven’t listened for two weeks now, due to not being able to get to the gym (I will, however be there with bells and whistles on), I have not been listening to an audiobook I purchased on Audible. I’ve noticed talk among books readers about this option of book and decided to try it while I’m pumping iron at the gym!

I was apprehensive. I’ve always been a staunch supporter of paperback books. I love the feel of them in my hands, the smell of them. The character of them if they’re second hand etc. So branching into the ebook world was a big step. I’d tried it a few years ago and it didn’t turn out well. However, due to the sparseness of $$$ available at times, me being a student and all, lol, I’ve found ebooks a fantastic way to by-pass money issues. And I’ve been enjoying them.

So I thought maybe an audiobook could be a great thing to listen to while I’m working out. After all, a book is a book whether I read it, or someone reads it to me! So far, I’m enjoying it immensely. Fantastic way to keep yourself occupied as you feel the burn, lol. So what am I listening to? I hear you ask…

if i can't have youIf I can’t Have You — By Greg Olsen and Rebecca Morris

I’m three hours into it so far, from memory that was about ch 11 or 12 I think. Which makes it hard to update on Goodreads because there’s no options for hours. But I can tell you that so far, it’s an intriguing case. I’ve gone in not knowing anything about it, and very much looking forward to getting back into tomorrow.

Look out for my review for it in the coming weeks.

And don’t forget to enter my win an ebook competition!

If you’d like to purchase the Audible version, visit this link 

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Avid reader and 'collector' of books. I'm a prison psychologist and criminologist, so no surprise when I admit I have a particular like in true crime and psychological/police procedure thrillers and suspense books.

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