Review: Murder in the Heartland – M. W. Phelps

I haven’t been reading for pleasure lately as I’m snowed under with study assignments. So I thought I’d give a brief review on a previous  book I’ve read.

It was a year or two ago, and I read the paperback version but here is the ebook details;

81vATzGu1IL._SL1500_Murder in the Heartlands – By M. W. Phelps

If you’re not familiar with the true crime it involves the death of 23 yrs young, Bobbie Jo Stinnett, who at the time of her murder was 8 months pregnant with her first child. A very sad story, although there is a happy ending if you can really call it that, I suppose. But I enjoyed it.

I admit I’ve seen amazon reviews that have complained about editing issue etc. but I’m not sure if they were there in the paperback, and I read it too long ago to remember specific things like that. I can usually get past those sorts of things anyhow. If the story is good, I’ll read it.

So if you’re an M. W. Phelps reader and haven’t read this one yet, a true crime fan, or (at the risk of sounding morbidly sick) enjoy this type of crime (fetus stealing) then I’d recommend you try this book out and see for yourself.

I rate this: cropped-large_cute-bookworm-1.png cropped-large_cute-bookworm-1.png cropped-large_cute-bookworm-1.png cropped-large_cute-bookworm-1.png out of 5

Happy Reading

Nat cropped-large_cute-bookworm-1.png


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