Currently, On Audible I’m Listening to: Ted and Ann by Rebecca Morris

At the moment I’m listening to Ted and Ann by Rebecca Morris, while I’m pumping iron at the gym :-). I’m 25% way through and enjoying it! Should be a good review. Happy reading or listening! Nat 

Audible Book Review – Victim Six by Gregg Olsen

This was my second book. The first I enjoyed immensely, so I had great expectations for this book.  Unfortunately, for me, it was a bit of a let down. More so the deliverance of the book that the books content. The narrator for this particular book was too animated for my liking and it wasContinue reading “Audible Book Review – Victim Six by Gregg Olsen”

Another author I just have to have…

So again, I’ve yet to read any of Chris’ books but I just had to make sure I got his last three to complete his lot so far!  He’s career and writing style is right up my alley.  So I purchased this lot    Waiting patiently for them to arrive so I know I’m readyContinue reading “Another author I just have to have…”

I’m addicted to…

yes, I know I’m addicted to books 😜But I’m also addicted to Karin Slaughter, despite actually have not have read any of her books yet! I know, sounds a bit strange doesn’t it. But I’ve been eyeing her latest, Pretty Girls in the book store for the last few weeks, something holding me back fromContinue reading “I’m addicted to…”

What am I reading at the moment?

I’ve got two weeks until start of semester and I’m enjoying the break. Currently, I’m reading On the Farm by Stevie Cameron which is about Canadian serial killer Willie Pickton. It’s a big book, but I’m really enjoying it. Look forward to seeing my thoughts on it soon.     Happy reAding Nat 📚