I’m addicted to…

yes, I know I’m addicted to books 😜But I’m also addicted to Karin Slaughter, despite actually have not have read any of her books yet! I know, sounds a bit strange doesn’t it. But I’ve been eyeing her latest, Pretty Girls in the book store for the last few weeks, something holding me back from buying. Then last night I was in a Facebook book club group and someone had read pretty girls and there were people agreeing how awesome it was. So I went to bed last night, staring at the ceiling wishing the night would hurry up so I could go but it! And I did today 😂😁 I won’t get to it for a while, but at least I have it. Phew…

Happy reading

Nat 📚

3 Comments Add yours

  1. It is a fantastic read – I am a big fan of her work.

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  2. Sarah Hardy says:

    i am new to her books and have read this one which i absolutely loved.

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    1. aussiebookwormnat says:

      Ohhh look forward to it!

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