Review: The Sunset Murders by Louise Farr

I have a passion for true crime and enjoy reading stories on violent and sexual murderers. I actually haven’t read all that much on Douglas Clark and Carol Bundy however, so I was thrilled to get this book.


Blurb: The unlikeliest of couples they met at the Little Nashville Club in North Hollywood, California. Doug Clark was a charmer, a handsome and eloquent golden boy who made Carol Bundy, a matronly thirty-seven-year-old mother of two, feel beautiful. She though she was in love. In truth, she had met one of the most coldblooded killers this century, a man who would sweep her into an orgy of sexual obsession and serial murder. By the time it was all over, Carol Bundy, who had once considered herself “Mrs Average America,” would tell police, “It’s fun to kill people… If I were allowed to run loose, I’d probably do it again.”

Doug Clark and Carol Bundy were lovers during the murderous spree that claimed the lives of six young women who frequented the area of Sunset strip. Carol also shot and decapitated her former love – and brought Doug his severed head as proof of her devotion. Together they would cruise the Sunset strip in a blue Buick station wagon, looking for prostitutes for Doug – the next victim in their series of grisly ritual sexual murders.

The SUNSET MURDERS goes to the dark heard or a monstrous criminal orgy, exploring the twisted minds of a woman who would do anything for love and the psychopath who taught her to kill. Here is the harrowing true story of two depraved people playing out their wildest fantasies in cold blood, and the courtroom drama that revealed to a shocked public the depths of their lethal nightmare world…

So, as you can see from the blurb the story of Doug and Carol is not for the faint hearted. Admittedly, there is nothing too bloody or graphic that I haven’t seen in my years of reading and/or study.  But the story itself is fantastic. Flows so well, and really is difficult to put down. The author doesn’t appear to take sides, doesn’t pay attention to only the convicted.  She went into enough detail to get a feel for the Doug and Carol, as well as set up the scene and explain their backstory.

I found that last few chapters particularly interesting as this was the trial. Like Ted Bundy, another infamous serial murder, Doug acted as his own lawyer for much of the trial. I found this interesting and enjoyed reading the farce he made of the trial and himself.  I felt like I actually got to witness the trial because of the meticulous detail the author wrote in, but not so much that it dragged on. I do know that there are people who don’t enjoy the trial part of these sorts of stories. I didn’t feel that this one overstepped that boundary.

An excellent read. I learned more about these two horrific predators, and enjoyed the writers style immensely. Would definitely recommend this one to true crime lovers!

I rated this book: small_cute-bookwormsmall_cute-bookwormsmall_cute-bookwormsmall_cute-bookwormsmall_cute-bookworm/5

You can purchase this book in hardcopy or paperback at Amazon here

Happy reading!

Nat small_cute-bookworm


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