Review: Karla; A Pact With the Devil By Stephen Williams

UnknownPaul Bernardo and Karla Holmolka were husband and wife Canadians who were responsible for the rapes and murder of at least three young women, and Bernardo also responsible for at least 19 other rapes.  More infamously, the couple are responsible for the rape and murder of Homolka’s 16 year old sister, Tammy.

The book Karla, is the second by the author on the “Barbie and Ken Killers”, although mainly focuses on Karla and the inside ‘scoop’ of the deal she cut with the prosecution of her husband and her reasonably short prison sentence.

This book isn’t for you, if you’re not a fan of the criminal justice side of true crime stories. I see and read a lot of comment about being “too much court room” and not about the crime, per se. This story is very much more about the political and court room goings on, that the actual crimes themselves. Even more so, it’s about Karla and her letters to both the author and those who defended her and treated her.

Needless to say, I personally found it fascinating and frustrating. The justice system and professionals don’t always get it right, this would be one of those times. Hearing about her interrogations and interviews with police and psychologists and psychiatrists really struck a cord with me, seeing as I’m in the field. Goes to show, how interpretation doesn’t necessarily equal fact. Nor does it always prove correct. This along with the mistakes and incompetence from the police, lead me to feel a bit of anger at the whole situation, in that Karla may have very well gotten a longer sentence than what she served had the job been done properly, and the experts performing in their proper capacity.

There’s also a movie based of this book with an almost similar title, Karla. movie karlaLaura Prepon, from Orange is the New Black, stars as Karla. If you’re a true crime based movie buff, or just like watching movies then add this one to your list. It wasn’t too bad.

So, in conclusion, this books was very informative but more on the personal side of Karla and the events in the criminal justice system that lead to her deal with the prosecution and prison sentence. If you want a book more on the crimes themselves, then I suggest you go with the authors first book on this couple.

I give this book: small_cute-bookwormsmall_cute-bookwormsmall_cute-bookwormsmall_cute-bookworm/5

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