This or That Book Tag

Thank you very much @wordsandlyrics for the tag, this is my first book blog one! Exciting.   The rules: Mention the creator of the tag (Ayunda @ Tea and Paperbacks). Thank the blogger who tagged you! Choose one of the options, you don’t have to tell the reasons why you chose that but you canContinue reading “This or That Book Tag”

Review – The Innocent Killer by Michael Griesbach

If you haven’t heard of Steven Avery, and the NetFlix hit The Marking of a Murderer, then you must being living in a library! LOL. This case has been everywhere on the internet and social media, and not without it’s controversy. In brief Steven was wrongly convicted of a violent sexual assault when he wasContinue reading “Review – The Innocent Killer by Michael Griesbach”

So, how’s that new Kindle Oasis…

So the path that led me to my current Kindle Voyage, was a long an arduous one.  I’d previously tried a kindle three times before and just couldn’t get into in.  I was subconsciously blocking the experience but saying to myself, it’s not a book. Nothing beats the smell and feel of a book. I can’tContinue reading “So, how’s that new Kindle Oasis…”

Instagram Giveaway

So I’ve been lucky enough to reach 1,000 likers on my Instagram account. Lucky me! 💗🎉 I’m so lucky to have found so many lovely pages to follow for myself because if there’s some i love almost as much as buying books, it’s watching other people but them 😜 So to celebrate, I’m holding aContinue reading “Instagram Giveaway”

My NTR Pick

So although I won’t get to this next book for a little while yet, maybe a week or two, I’ve chosen what read it will will be.     I’m quite critical of serial killer themed fiction. If it’s not done well, it comes off cliche and annoying. I’m apprehensive but I have heard good things,Continue reading “My NTR Pick”