So, how’s that new Kindle Oasis…

So the path that led me to my current Kindle Voyage, was a long an arduous one.  I’d previously tried a kindle three times before and just couldn’t get into in.  I was subconsciously blocking the experience but saying to myself, it’s not a book. Nothing beats the smell and feel of a book. I can’t show off my library. It’s not a book. It ain’t no book. I can’t do this… And then I started think think about the real advantages of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my library and I’ll never be rid of it, but I started loving the idea of being able to carry a whole library around in my handbag.  I loved the idea of being able to get a book on kindle that is out of print of unavailable in hardcopy… The more I thought about it, the more I realised I really needed to give it a go. So I did.

At the end of 2014, I bought a Paperwhite.  It was hard at first. I couldn’t concentrate

Kindle PaperWhite

when I read off the screen and I stopped after two weeks. Then I reminded myself of the pro’s and got back into it. After about two months, I slowly started coming around. Then at the 6month mark I was almost ready to say that I… Loved. It. Then when the new Voyage came out last year, I jumped at the chance to get it, because if you know me, you’ll know I’m obsessed with technology and feel the constant need to up-date to the most current of everything, LOL.

Kindle Oasis

And now, they’ve announced the release of the fancy new Kindle Oasis.  I have to admit, I’m loving it already and have already pre-ordered! It’s not for everyone, I know that some people have mentioned that it just doesn’t have enough new fandangle bits and pieces to warrant such an expensive price tag. But for me, all those little new bits and pieces add up, I love the thinner design, the charging case, the colors, the new spine-look, the page buttons, the led’s and the rest of it.  I’m definitely sold.

You often come across the memes on instagram and facebook debating which is better, the book or the ebook, and I don’t get why there’s the need for the comparison. Why can’t we love both just as much as each other? They both have their pro’s and con ‘s. Where one can’t do something, the other one allows for it.  There’s most certainly enough love in this bookworms heart and library, for both!!

The Great Book v Ebook Debate

Have you got an ebook reader? Will you be joining me in the Oasis fan group?

Happy Reading and Buying!!



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Avid reader and 'collector' of books. I'm a prison psychologist and criminologist, so no surprise when I admit I have a particular like in true crime and psychological/police procedure thrillers and suspense books.

7 thoughts on “So, how’s that new Kindle Oasis…

  1. I was really against ebooks and their readers. Nothing could beat an actual book for me. I resisted for a long time. But then, I found ebooks of stories I could not find in bookstores. Also, many titles have an early ebook releas, it’s very convenient. So I gave it a try. My eyes did not really like the change, reading on the ipad is not the best solution. Still, I appreciated having several books with me at all times. Now that I have been blogging for some time, I got a few ARCs to read and I am seriously considering dumping my ipad (at least for reading) for a Kindle Paperwhite.

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    1. I can’t read on my iPad (more so now that I have a big pro 😂) but the kindles are fab. Being able to change the brightness is 👌🏽 I started with a paperwhite, currently a voyage, and have pre-ordered the oasis. I can’t bloody wait to be honest 😂😂🤘🏼

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      1. Hubby is like you, he loved having the newest technology 😀 but as I’ve never used a reader before, I don’t want to spend too much in case I don’t enjoy it. I’ll admit I’m excited and can’t wait to try my kindle, though!

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      2. Ha ha my fiancé and I are terrible we’ve got everything apple and technology and upgrade every new model 😂😂🙊

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      3. Same here, lots of Apple products, and we’re thinking about adding an iMac because hubby can never have enough xD I am so unlucky with technology that I’m always afraid to buy new stuff, they never work with me!

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  2. I have a Kobo Aura which I absolutely love. It’s not top of the line, but it’s the perfect size to tuck in anywhere and I literally have thousands of books with me at all times. The Kobo also takes ePub format which means I can actually rent e-library-books with it (very cool because some eBooks are still pretty expensive)! I can’t read for long periods of time on an iPad either, so the less fancy versions are perfect for me. 🙂 Paperbacks remain my favourite format, but I agree – there are just too many pros with ereaders NOT to own one!


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