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Christine Nilsson and her husband, Marcus, are desperate for a baby. Unable to conceive, they find themselves facing a difficult choice they had never anticipated. After many appointments with specialists, endless research, and countless conversations, they make the decision to use a donor.

Two months pass and Christine is happily pregnant. but one day, she is shocked to see a young blond man on the TV news being arrested for a series of brutal murders-and the blond man bears an undeniable and uncanny resemblance to her donor.

Delving deeper to uncover the truth, Christine must confront a terrifying reality and face her worst fears. Riveting and fast-paced, with the depth of emotionality that has garnered Lisa Scottoline legions of fans, Most Wanted poses an ethical and moral dilemma: What would you do if the biological father of your unborn child was a killer?

My Thoughts

I have to admit, just reading the blurb sucked me right into this one.  I was definitely thinking, how would I act if I found out I might be carrying a serial killers child? The writing really was excellent. I forget I was reading a book and fall into the story so many times. I would have read it quicker if I wasn’t at the end of my semester and had exams and assignments to finish off!

Christine’s husband gave me the shits (aussie slang for annoyed, lol) but I also empathised with him at the same time which is extraordinary, because it would be quite easy to just write him of as a self-fish tool. However, the author did a spot on job of really diving into his feelings, thoughts, and behaviours when it came to not being able to biologically contribute to their growing child.  I was glad he came to his senses in the end and was able to enjoy what the future has to bring for them both.

When it came to Christine, the paralegal, I have to admit I groaned because I thought that seems so unlikely.  There’s no way that would happen in real-life. But I found that part quite…exciting. I like the pace change it gave the story and it actually ended up not being as cheesy as I thought and I really loved the memorial scene! Did I enjoy the DNA outcome at the end?  I actually wish it had of went the other way, I would have really liked to see how they would have handled it and what it would have meant for their relationship. But, I guess that’s more of a personal preference rather than a story flaw so I can’t take away any stars for that.

For me, it was an excellent read. It’s the second book I’ve read from the author and I think I can almost say that she’s a favourite (think I need to read 3 to give a definitive answer, ROFL) but I’m so super impressed!

Have you read it? What did you think?

I rated Most Wanted: 5/5 stars

Happy Reading!



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