An Old True Crime Re-Released in E-book Version, YAY

If you follow my blog, then you’ll be aware that I reviewed ‘Butcher, Baker’ by Walter Gilmour and Leland E. Hale a few months ago and actually really enjoyed it! You’ll be pleased to know that it’s now available as an e-book! Which is fantastic because I read the hard copy and thought to myself,Continue reading “An Old True Crime Re-Released in E-book Version, YAY”

It’s been a while, so here’s some freebie ebooks currently on Amazon!

I know, I know I’ve been a tad quite blogwise. That’s full-time study for you! But here’s some awesome freebie books that are on amazon at the moment. Be quick and grab them 🙂 You’re welcome.   A missing baby. A murdered girl. A case where everyone has something to hide… On the first dayContinue reading “It’s been a while, so here’s some freebie ebooks currently on Amazon!”

Review: The Last Time She Saw Him by Jane Haseldine

GoodReads Blurb – Julia Gooden remembers nothing about the worst night of her life. Thirty years ago, her nine-year-old brother Ben—the person who promised he would always protect her—was abducted from the room they shared. Try as she might to recall any clue or detail, there is a black hole where Julia’s memories of thatContinue reading “Review: The Last Time She Saw Him by Jane Haseldine”

True Crime Ebook Bargain Find

Who doesn’t love a cheap book or ebook? No one! Here’s a great one that’s popped up in my email and I thought I’d share in case you don’t already have it! The Country Boy Killer: The true story of serial killer Cody Legebokoff Purchase from AMAZON for 99c BLURB: He was the friendly, baby-faced,Continue reading “True Crime Ebook Bargain Find”

Cheap True Crime Ebook Finds!

Hello, Yes I’ve disappeared in the past two-three weeks, I’m currently in assignment hell and not really reading much for ‘me time’. However, that doesn’t stop the email bargain coming to my email! Thought I’d share a few goodies if you haven’t seen and purchased already. 1) – This gem is only $1.99US at theContinue reading “Cheap True Crime Ebook Finds!”

Here’s a serial killer fiction freebie…

If your preference is for serial killer themed books/ebooks, then this freebie might be up your alley  Purchase here :  Happy reading  Nat 📚

Here are some freebie ebooks to add to you kindle or ebook device…

In need of something new to read on your kindle? Check out these freebies: Get Unforseen by Nick Pirog for free here Get The Deadline by Ron Franscell for free here Get The Wheels of Change by Sandy Appleyard for free here Get Before the Clock Strikes by E. G. Michaels for free here EnjoyContinue reading “Here are some freebie ebooks to add to you kindle or ebook device…”