September was my Birthday Month

Yes, I’m still here! Crawling out of my study hole, to show you all a fabulous present I brought myself with my nan’s birthday money from last month. She specifically wrote in the card: “Buy yourself something special (NO BOOKS)” LOL… I brought a few books with it, I couldn’t not! But I also createdContinue reading “September was my Birthday Month”

Dragon’s Loyalty Blog Award

Thank you very much Words and Lyrics for the Award for nominating me for this award! Go check out her blog because she has a joyous way with words. Here are the rules: Display the award on your blog. Announce your win with a post. Link the blogger who awarded you. Present six deserving blogsContinue reading “Dragon’s Loyalty Blog Award”

Sharing My Buys

My wallet has been busy the last few days, brought books, books, and book!                       The above pic is Ebooks I brought last week      Love looking at pictures of books I’ve brought! 😍 Makes me want to buy more 😜😁📚📚  Happy Reading  Nat

Day 15: Books that are Christmas Gifts

Nothing brings me more joy, than buying books for others, after buying them for me of course 😉😜. I’ve brought just about everyone a books this year, including my daughter who loves my little pony 😊    Happy reading  Nat 📚

Review: The Crucifix Killer By Chris Carter 

BLURB: In a derelict cottage in Los Angeles National Forest, a young woman is found savagely murdered. Naked, strung from two wooden posts, the skin tripped from her face – while she was still alive. On the nape of her neck is carved a strange double-cross: the signature of a psychopath known as the CrucifixContinue reading “Review: The Crucifix Killer By Chris Carter “

Reading Challenge Catch-Up

So, I have some posts from my Instagram reading challenge to post here. On the weekends, I’m not with my books so I have to catch up anyway. But I just had a thought, I’ll pre do them and then I can still post them! Duh 😜  But below are the last few days postsContinue reading “Reading Challenge Catch-Up”

Day 2 Reading Challenge – Christmas Wishlist 

So day two of the reading challenge is to produce my Christmas Wishlist. Of course, it’s miles long and the snippet I’m showing isn’t the whole list 😂     Just looking at this picture makes me want to go out and buy them 😂 So the probably won’t be on my wish list long 😉😁Continue reading “Day 2 Reading Challenge – Christmas Wishlist “

Creating my mini library…

So today I started the great unshelving of 2015 and turning my study into a study/library 😍 It’s been a massive job because I’ve got so many books…     I still had four shelves to take the books of when the pic was taken! Looking forward to finished results tomorrow 😍 Happy reading  Nat 📚

Review: The Sunset Murders by Louise Farr

I have a passion for true crime and enjoy reading stories on violent and sexual murderers. I actually haven’t read all that much on Douglas Clark and Carol Bundy however, so I was thrilled to get this book. Blurb: The unlikeliest of couples they met at the Little Nashville Club in North Hollywood, California. DougContinue reading “Review: The Sunset Murders by Louise Farr”

On the Hunt for Bookends

So the semester is just about over for me. Two exams tomorrow and the day after, and one more next week and then I’m free to read for pleasure over the the next 9weeks. Can’t wait! Whilst exam procrastinating I decided to look for bookends. I plan on reorganising my study to turn it intoContinue reading “On the Hunt for Bookends”