September was my Birthday Month

Yes, I’m still here! Crawling out of my study hole, to show you all a fabulous present I brought myself with my nan’s birthday money from last month. She specifically wrote in the card: “Buy yourself something special (NO BOOKS)” LOL… I brought a few books with it, I couldn’t not! But I also createdContinue reading “September was my Birthday Month”


May Book Haul

That time of the new month, where we go back and have a look at all the books I bought. There were many, which isn’t new! You may wonder where my addiction started? My parents aren’t readers, however as a two year old, while other little girls were carrying around dolls and teddies I wasContinue reading “May Book Haul”

A little slice of heaven in my own backyard

Things for me at the moment are pretty hectic, crazy, draining, and depressing.  So I visited a little second hand bookshop that I visit two weeks ago in town. One that I had no idea existed for three years, until two weeks ago. I drive past if every other day. I can hardly believe it.Continue reading “A little slice of heaven in my own backyard”

Today’s little morning errand…

First stop was a massage, second stop to see my friend Darryl who happens to have a bookshop! 😂😂 He’s not really my friend but the three times I’ve been there now I’ve brought lots of books!     He just got a shipment of 5,000 books Tuesday. There were boxes and boxes and boxes andContinue reading “Today’s little morning errand…”

When you just want to read

If only we were able to stay awake longer, or there was more hours in the day! I’m getting towards the end of On the Farm by Stevie Cameron and enthralled. It’s 1:30am for me and I keep trying to negotiate ‘just one more chapter’… But I’ve got assignments to do tomorrow 😝😕 Ugh, theContinue reading “When you just want to read”

That book sale…

so, remember how I said in my last post something about going to a book sale yesterday?        I went, I brought, and if there hadn’t of ended up being two doubles, I would have been satisfied. But because of that it ruined my trip 😔 I told you there was an issue.  NatContinue reading “That book sale…”

I’ve noticed…

So, I’ve noticed, along with my partner, that when I’m in times of stress or anxiety I buy       books. The worse the stress and anxiety, the more books I buy. At the moment I’m going through a few things and as a result have a lovely mouth ulcer, but have also been buying books likeContinue reading “I’ve noticed…”