Review: An Evil Mind by Chris Carter #bookblog #bookreview

Blurb A freak accident in rural Wyoming leads the Sheriff’s Department to arrest a man for a possible double homicide, but further investigations suggest a much more horrifying discovery – a serial killer who has been kidnapping, torturing and mutilating victims all over the United States for at least twenty-five years. The suspect claims heContinue reading “Review: An Evil Mind by Chris Carter #bookblog #bookreview”

Review: One by One by Chris Carter

Goodreads Blurb ‘I need your help, Detective. Fire or water?’ Detective Robert Hunter of the LAPD’s Homicide Special Section receives an anonymous call asking him to go to a specific web address – a private broadcast. Hunter logs on and a show devised for his eyes only immediately begins. But the caller doesn’t want DetectiveContinue reading “Review: One by One by Chris Carter”

Review: The Death Sculptor by Chris Carter @SimonSchuster #bookblogger #bookreview #detectiveroberthunter #booknerd #bookworm

Goodreads Blurb: A student nurse has the shock of her life when she discovers her patient, prosecutor Derek Nicholson, brutally murdered in his bed. The act seems senseless – Nicholson was terminally ill with only weeks to live. But what most shocks Detective Robert Hunter is the calling card the killer left behind. My ReviewContinue reading “Review: The Death Sculptor by Chris Carter @SimonSchuster #bookblogger #bookreview #detectiveroberthunter #booknerd #bookworm”

Review: The Crucifix Killer By Chris Carter 

BLURB: In a derelict cottage in Los Angeles National Forest, a young woman is found savagely murdered. Naked, strung from two wooden posts, the skin tripped from her face – while she was still alive. On the nape of her neck is carved a strange double-cross: the signature of a psychopath known as the CrucifixContinue reading “Review: The Crucifix Killer By Chris Carter “

What’s New?

so at the moment I’m reading two books for pleasure     And     Yes I’m a nick sparks fan love love loved reading The Lucky One, Save Haven, A Walk to Remember, & The Notebook and love the movies too. I also pre-ordered his new one today     Looking forward to getting it! What areContinue reading “What’s New?”

Another author I just have to have…

So again, I’ve yet to read any of Chris’ books but I just had to make sure I got his last three to complete his lot so far!  He’s career and writing style is right up my alley.  So I purchased this lot    Waiting patiently for them to arrive so I know I’m readyContinue reading “Another author I just have to have…”