The latest stash

so the last week I’ve been super busy with assignment work, but did reward myself with a much anticipated trip to a book sale I’d been waiting two months for. I haven’t been able to hug and catalogue them till today but that was like motivation πŸ˜‰       And then yesterday on the homeContinue reading “The latest stash”

One day I will have my own home library

For years and years and years, I’ve always wanted my own library. Not too fused on fanciness, I just want high and wide bookshelves, and a ladder πŸ™‚ I’ve been collecting my stash for a few years now. Beforehand, I was perfectly happy with just borrowing from the library, and I still do now. However,Continue reading “One day I will have my own home library”

A healthy stash to add to the collection

Today, I took a break from study and went to a book sale. Armed with my little suitcase on wheels and some enviro bags, I spent about four hours browsing rows and rows of books. Many genres; reference, children’s, hardcover, paperback. It’s really one of my favourite times of the year. Comes twice a year,Continue reading “A healthy stash to add to the collection”