Is it time for a change?

I’ve been MIA for a little while on my blog. I was finishing up my Masters degree last year and then managed to land my dream job in the last two months of it, which in hindsight, was mad. I ‘m currently deciding how I want to redo my library πŸ€” I’ve loved the colourContinue reading “Is it time for a change?”

September was my Birthday Month

Yes, I’m still here! Crawling out of my study hole, to show you all a fabulous present I brought myself with my nan’s birthday money from last month. She specifically wrote in the card: “Buy yourself something special (NO BOOKS)” LOL… I brought a few books with it, I couldn’t not! But I also createdContinue reading “September was my Birthday Month”

Currently Reading and What’s Up Next!

I’m in the middle of my mid-semester break, both enjoying it and looking forward to getting back to studying!! I’m a little sick like that, I enjoy the first week and then I’m climbing the walls missing it from the second week onwards, LOL. I am enjoying some great books at the moment. Last week,Continue reading “Currently Reading and What’s Up Next!”

Here’s a little review of books brought so far this year

To say I’m addicted to buying books (bibliotaph) would be a terrific understatement. I can’t even talk about books without feeling the urge to purchase one or 20! Right this very instant, I’m opening a new tab to a bookstore because I do need to buy one now, lol. So, I’ve seen another page BibliophileContinue reading “Here’s a little review of books brought so far this year”

Recent buys

So as usual I’ve purchased up a storm the last two weeks. I’d like to say I can help it, but I’m compulsive. I see or hear about books and I have the ‘must buy books right now’ urge πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜³ Here’s what I’ve bought 😍              And I’m having to buy more shelvesContinue reading “Recent buys”

A little slice of heaven in my own backyard

Things for me at the moment are pretty hectic, crazy, draining, and depressing.  So I visited a little second hand bookshop that I visit two weeks ago in town. One that I had no idea existed for three years, until two weeks ago. I drive past if every other day. I can hardly believe it.Continue reading “A little slice of heaven in my own backyard”

The latest stash

so the last week I’ve been super busy with assignment work, but did reward myself with a much anticipated trip to a book sale I’d been waiting two months for. I haven’t been able to hug and catalogue them till today but that was like motivation πŸ˜‰       And then yesterday on the homeContinue reading “The latest stash”

I’ve noticed…

So, I’ve noticed, along with my partner, that when I’m in times of stress or anxiety I buyΒ Β Β Β Β Β  books. The worse the stress and anxiety, the more books I buy. At the moment I’m going through a few things and as a result have a lovely mouth ulcer, but have also been buying books likeContinue reading “I’ve noticed…”

Waking up and buying…

A book! I follow Kathy on Instagram and she encouraged me to buy her latest (not personally 😜). It really doesn’t take a lot, apparently.     To the collection it goes and one day I’ll read it πŸ˜‚ Happy reading πŸ“š