Something A Little Different For Me An Audiobook

Although I haven’t listened for two weeks now, due to not being able to get to the gym (I will, however be there with bells and whistles on), I have not been listening to an audiobook I purchased on Audible. I’ve noticed talk among books readers about this option of book and decided to tryContinue reading “Something A Little Different For Me An Audiobook”

Win 1 of 2 Free True Crime Ebooks

To celebrate two books that I’ve reviewed so far, and think that you should read if you haven’t already, I would like to give away a copy of; 1) Deliver Us by Kathryn Casey 2) Columbine by Dave Cullen The two winners will receive one of these ebooks as a gift from me via Amazon,Continue reading “Win 1 of 2 Free True Crime Ebooks”