Review: Twisted Knot by J.M. Peace & Author Interview

NOTE: Apparently this was not automatically uploaded on monday the 25th as I had arranged and I can only put it down to me having installed the new IOS 10 beta and may have kinked up the posting. So apologied to Ms Peace and PanMacmillian. Without further ado… Title: The Twisted Know Author: JM Peace Publisher:Continue reading “Review: Twisted Knot by J.M. Peace & Author Interview”


The Twisted Knot Blog Tour

So I’ve been lucky enough to have read this book and will be having the author on my blog in July for an interview! I finished the book yesterday and will be also posting my review when it’s my turn on the blog tour. Below is a little on the author and book, as wellContinue reading “The Twisted Knot Blog Tour”

Coming soon: My very first blog tour!

So, over the past four years I’ve been like a hermit hiding in my ‘cave’ which is really my desk.  Tomorrow I have two, three hour, end of semester exams, and next week my last one before I go on my mid-semester break.  Woohoo, and this time around I’m participating in my very first blogContinue reading “Coming soon: My very first blog tour!”