Cheap True Crime Ebook Finds!

Hello, Yes I’ve disappeared in the past two-three weeks, I’m currently in assignment hell and not really reading much for ‘me time’. However, that doesn’t stop the email bargain coming to my email! Thought I’d share a few goodies if you haven’t seen and purchased already. 1) – This gem is only $1.99US at theContinue reading “Cheap True Crime Ebook Finds!”

And the two winners of the true crime books are…

thank you to those who entered to win Deliver Us by Kathryn Casey and Columbine by Dave Cullen. The two winners are;  Johnna – Columbine Terri – Deliver Us Both winners have been emailed with the news and can expect their ebook within the week.  Thanks again and look out for future ebook comps! HappyContinue reading “And the two winners of the true crime books are…”