Ebooks So Far For The Month

When I can’t book hard-copy, for whatever reasons, I resort to ebooks! Here’s my May buys so far.


Happy buy and reading!



Published by A.Bookish.Rainbow.Sanctuary

Avid reader and 'collector' of books. I'm a prison psychologist and criminologist, so no surprise when I admit I have a particular like in true crime and psychological/police procedure thrillers and suspense books.

8 thoughts on “Ebooks So Far For The Month

  1. So many books! I just finished My Life Next Door, I went to buy it on ebook but couldn’t find it! No Idea why, maybe I was caffeine deprived and not searching properly XD Hope you enjoy these!


    1. One day when I get to them I will πŸ˜‚ I’ve got final exams in two weeks so during my break I plan to do lots of free time reading 😁

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  2. Impressive haul, haha! Dear Thing, Twisted River, Play Dead, and White Is The Coldest Color are on my wishlist πŸ™‚ I loved The Sister and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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    1. I’m currently reading The sister Donna, have been for the last three weeks and reading so slow because I’ve been in the midst of a heavy semester. I have to admit I haven’t been enjoying it as much as everyone else, but perhaps my opinion will change the more I read πŸ˜€

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      1. Good luck with the semester. I know how overwhelming it can be. I am making the most of my last weeks of freedom before finding my way back to university next September πŸ™‚ Too bad you are not enjoying The Sister that much. I hope you’ll like the end. I hope to hear your thoughts about it when you’re done.


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