Audible – Now you can really have books with you everywhere!

I braved the big bad ebook world for a third time three months ago. I’ve tried it a few times over the years and have always ended up selling my reader because I just couldn’t get into it. It felt like I was betraying my faithful paperbacks. However, living in small quarters,  with not a lot of room for paperbacks, I’ve come to appreciate ebooks. Especially seeing as I have over 220 free ones! 

So I decided to try Audible. Books that read to you 😳 Sounded crazy at first, however, I’m under two hours from finishing my first, If I Can’t Have You a true crime story, and loving it! I listen to it at the gym, three mornings a week.

Really is the best of all book worlds. Doesn’t matter where you are, a book is always with you. Or me 😊. I think it would make a difference if you got a reader who wasn’t very nice to listen to, but this man is very smooth. Enjoyable. Or maybe I enjoy it more because it’s an accent other than my own, Australian 😜 

The next drama is deciding what to Listen to next, a choice that’s difficult no matter what sort of book you have 😁

Try out if you haven’t yet πŸ‘πŸΌ

Happy listening/reading 

Nat πŸ“š


Published by A.Bookish.Rainbow.Sanctuary

Avid reader and 'collector' of books. I'm a prison psychologist and criminologist, so no surprise when I admit I have a particular like in true crime and psychological/police procedure thrillers and suspense books.

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