Audibe Review: Repeat Offender-Sin City’s Most Prolific Criminal & the Cop who Caught Him by Bradley Nickel

I have to admit, that the context of offender and crimes are not my usual taste, and as such, heavily influenced my opinion on this story.


Blurb: Millions in stolen property, revolting sex crimes and murder-for-hire were all in the mix for a Las Vegas police detective as he toiled to take Sin City’s most prolific criminal off the streets for good. 

Las Vegas Police Detective Bradley Nickell brings you the inside scoop on the investigation of the most prolific repeat offender Las Vegas has ever known. 

Daimon Monroe looked like an average guy raising a family with his diffident schoolteacher girlfriend. But just below the surface, you’ll learn he was an accomplished thief with an uncontrollable lust for excess. His criminal mind had no bounds—he was capable of anything given the proper circumstances. 

You will be revolted by Monroe’s amassed wealth through thievery, his plot to kill Detective Nickell, a judge and a prosecutor, and the physical and sexual abuse to which Monroe subjected his daughters. 

So as I mentioned, my personal preference heavily weighed on my opinion of this story. I listened to it on Audible during my gym sessions, so it kept me amused but I can’t say that I actually ‘enjoyed’ it. The story itself was very well written, almost to the point where it was sounding like a fiction novel, however. The third POV was a tad on the annoying side because it felt the the author was ‘big noting’ himself too often and referring to himself more than necessary.

But like I said, it’s not my crime preference. I know that there have been many people who have enjoyed it, and I’d urge you to read the blurb and other people reviews and purchase a sample before relying on my opinion. Because it’s just that, my own opinion. I can’t give it a rating on the dislike of criminal alone, that would be gross unfair. So my rating reflects that as well as the writing style and ability to keep me going and not quit!

I give this story: small_cute-bookwormsmall_cute-bookwormsmall_cute-bookworm/5

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Happy Reading

Nat small_cute-bookworm


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